Challenge: eat this way only for every meal for 30 days and you’ll never be hungry. You may even skip a meal because you’re too satisfied. No sugars. No grains. I’m not going to apologize when you lose weight along the way. So you’re welcome. Essentials: Eggs Avocado Bacon Minor touches: Eggs cooked in bacon […]

Cut the Crap

It’s simple, effective, and what I believe the truth. “How? Simple. Stay away from sugars and grains. Exercise. Cut the crap.” – Fitness Confidential Doubtful? Ask yourself how are you really doing weight and health wise with your sugars and grain rich diet? Regardless of exercise. After all, there are many many highly active fat, […]


Fitness Confidential Review

What I liked? All of it. I guess to me Vinnie Tortorich is my Jack Lalanne. Why Jack? Read the book and you’ll know the significance of Jack. Anyway, I’ve spent a lot of time listening to Vinnie’s message on health and fitness on the America’s Angriest Trainer Podcast with Anna Vocino and thoroughly enjoy […]