Run to the running store

I got up this morning and slapped on my Nike+ GPS Sportswatch and noticed it had a crack and small piece gone. Still was fine and all I had to do was cover it up with some black tape and no worries.

At lunch hour, I was ready for a run but not sure where to haul my fat ass. Perhaps a trail? Well not today. I need to research what is available and know what I’d be getting myself into on a work lunch break. So I grabbed a bottle of G2, got out the door, linked my GPS, and headed nowhere interesting with ear buds and music.

Earlier in the week I Google-mapped the distance and route to the local Road Runner Sports and found it to be 3.5+ miles to get there. I toyed with the idea of running to it and back. I was curious bit felt it would also be kinda pointless. It’s not like I was going to buy anything and if I did, I wasn’t going to run with it back. Pointless…until today.

About a mile into the run I decided I needed to talk to somebody at the running store about my damaged GPS watch. Plus since I had nowhere interesting to run, I now had two good reasons it no longer was a pointless out and back run.


In 80F degrees, it clocked 3.74 miles on GPS. I walked in and stood at entrance all shiny from sweat. A customer made his way towards me to exit and he looked freaked out. LOL. I thought “What? Doesn’t everyone run here?” 🙂

Someone on the sales staff greeted me, I presented him with my watch problem and he said his manager, Aman, might be able to help. With Aman already ringing up a customer, I checked out the shoes while I dripped on their newly remodeled store and enjoyed break from my run. A few minutes later I was able to catch Aman and showed him what was going on. He asked me how long I’ve had it. I guessed a month, but later realized it was more like two. Not expecting it, he offered to swap mine out for a new one. I was surprised and actually prepared to basically be told I was SOL. I was halfway ok with the swap, because even though I’ve synced my runs, from a sentimental level, I clocked a grueling 20 miler and my first marathon with my watch. Not to mention, what of my current run which was at a ‘PAUSE’? I wouldn’t be able to sync it and have it on record. Then quickly I got over it. F*** It! LOL

So just like that I got me a new GPS Sportswatch. I thanked Aman with a knuckle-bump and ran back to work completing somewhere short of 7.5 miles.


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