Lunch run

This was one of those outings where I knew I wanted to get a run in, but also tried to make it interesting. This would have been my second run without music. I’m starting to get lazy about the whole earbud and iPod thing on the run. I really dig music but curious to know if I’d learn something more about myself if was not zoned-out by it. This run was a bit different. I cut through a park and at the other end was a trail along the shoreline. I followed it south and it turned into a paved path behind the athletic center next to sNob Hill Foods. I got off the path, cut through a parking lot and ended up on Twin Dolphins Drive. I honestly got bored, except for some of the views of the water and neighboring hotel and office buildings. So I decided to simply enjoy being out on foot around all the scenery. Was definitely better than being hunched over a table noshing on a salad incorrectly put together by the fine folks from Specialtys.


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