Keeping things going.

About a month since the RnR San Jose Half marathon. I’ve been keeping my runs to an hour during lunch. I’ve cut weight and lost 10 pounds since mid-Sept. About 6 weeks to go from 162.8 to today’s weight of 152.4. A couple of weeks ago Kaleo was stuck at home sick from some virus. He couldn’t attend preschool, so I stayed home with him. Needless to say, I had no choice but to take a week off of running. Halloween day was the first day I got back out and I ran a hard hour. It was hard because I allowed myself to slip into speedwork sessions wearing Vibram FiveFingers. Later than night trick-or-treating with my son and already worn out from the midday run, I ended up carrying the little guy most of the outing. Little did I realize how exhausted my body had gotten until the following night, when I lazily hunched and reached out to pick-up my son for a bath and put my lower back out. I had to let my son go so I could get on the floor and get through the pain as I attempt a neutral position. As of this post, I’ve done a week of recovery and feeling much better. I stopped taking the prescription muscle relaxant and actually knocked out a few push ups last night and did a quick chest session at the office fitness room. I know two weeks of back rest is enough time to allow me to run 3 miles. I know three weeks of back rest can get me up to 6 miles. I know because I was in the same position 2 years ago. I look forward to getting into some regular run again.

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