Week 5

Week of 3/26/12 – 4/1/12

This is 50k training month 2.

Monday – Rest
Tuesday – 1 hour run. 4.41 miles, 1:01:51, 14’01″/mi. Target HR 154-164 BPM. Avg HR 160 BPM. 57°F, Overcast, Wind: 18 mph.
Wednesday – 1 hour run. Rested.
Thursday – Rest. 6 miles, 1:23:34, 13’55″/mi. Target HR 154-164 BPM. Avg HR 159 BPM. 59°F, Overcast, Wind: 5 mph, 72% humidity.

Friday – 1 hour run. Work forced a rest day.
Saturday – 1½ hour run. Not felling it, took a rest day.
Sunday – Rest

Wed: Neck pain. Probably bad posture on Tues run.

Thur: Still some neck and upper shoulder pain. Focused on posture this run. Felt so-so. I can blame it on the humidity or an empty stomach, but whatever. Got it done and pleased.

Got the news this evening that Caballo is missing. I know it’s dumb, but in mysterious way I wonder if feeling a bit off during my running today was a vibe that something ain’t right in the running universe because Micah is missing. I pray he’s safe and found.

Not feeling too hot all weekend. Think allergies are kicking in.

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