Week 12

Week of 5/14/12 – 5/20/12

This is 50k training month 3 week 4

Target HR 154-164 BPM.

Monday – Rest planned.


  • Actual: 00:58:44, 4.27 mi, 13’44″/mi, 153bpm. 64°F Mostly cloudy 12mph winds, 56% humidity.

Tuesday – 1 hour in morning, 1 hour in the evening planned.

  • Actual: 01:23:03, 5.87 mi, 14’09″/mi, 161bpm. 66°F Partly cloudy 15mph winds, 52% humidity.
  • Actual: 01:00:01, 4.00 mi, 15’00″/mi, 148bpm. 52°F Evening, 7mph winds, 83% humidity.

Wednesday – 1 hour in the morning, 1 hour in the evening

  • Actual: 01:00:02, 4.28 mi, 14’00″/mi, 157bpm. 61°F Scattered clouds 12mph winds, 72% humidity.
  • Actual: 01:00:01, 3.86 mi, 15’31″/mi, 147bpm. Evening.

Thursday – 1 hour in the morning, 1 hour in the evening

  • Actual: 01:00:01, 4.45 mi, 13’29″/mi, 159bpm. 61°F Partly cloudy 17mph winds, 59% humidity.
  • Actual: 01:01:58, 4.45 mi, 13’55″/mi, 153bpm. 52°F Evening, overcast, 9mph winds, 77% humidity.

Friday – Rest
Saturday – 3 hour 30 minute run. Actual: Rested.

Sunday – Rest.

  • Actual:03:03:22, 12.56 mi, 14’35″/mi, 149bpm. Evening.

Week totals:

Mileage: 43.74



Monday: Due to the guilt of no runs over the past weekend and the shin twinge, has led me to go for an easy run today. Also sore throat and some itchy red eyes.

Tuesday: Run 1: No shin issue.

Sunday: Long training run from 9:30pm-12:30pm. Two handhelds with 300 calories each of HEED. Full 70 oz. hydrapak of water. Salt stick start and after 1st and 2nd hour into the run. Experience blurry left eye staring mid run. Had it before during other late night long training runs.Think the eye is tired. Temporary.

Upcoming weeks

This is 50k training month 4 week 1
Week of 5/21-5/27
Do same as last week.

Week of 5/28-6/3 taper

May 29 @30 mins only
May 31 @30 mins only
Jun 4 Monday 50k

The 8-9 days before the race should consist of no more than 3 days running with no more than 30 minutes each run.

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