Feeling crappy starting low carb?

“RE: Atkins Flu – Possible to Avoid It??

tedhutchinson wrote:

“I think everyone should change to using COCONUT oil or get some MCT oil.
It takes a while for the body to get used to burning fat for fuel.
If you provide it with some medium chain triglycerides either from Coconut oil or from MCT oil BEFORE and during the initial stages it should prevent the brain from running out of fuel as it will have an alternative fuel readily available.

There could also be a problem with gut flora. If we’ve been eating and inflammatory omega 6 rich diet and we suddenly change to an anti-inflammatory diet the pathogenic gut flora that thrive in acidic inflamatory situations will be taking a hit and finding life is tough while it will be a time before the more friendly bacteria that thrive in a less acidic inflamatory situation become established. Changing your gut flora generally takes a lot longer than ketoadaptation so be persistant. Plenty of yoghurt and other fermented food will speed the job up. But the initial detoxification process can make you feel crap initially.”

Source: http://www.livinlowcarbdiscussion.com/showthread.php?tid=8012


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