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Crashing downhill on trail run

How I crashed a downhill on trail run and loved it.

Go downhill cautiously and allow gravity to cause you to go down uncontrollably fast. Hope for the best, but know it isn’t going to be pretty. Pray for somewhere less hard and itchy to commit something far from elegant. In a flash reach a tipping point literally. That fraction of time when running is effortlessly like your running on air. Because in that moment the upper body falls forward and faster than the legs can keep up and the body decides to do what comes naturally. Crash!! Pile drive the right knee, an explosive right hand high five to the ground with the handheld bottle, pole vault attempt with the left elbow transition to a shoulder roll, climaxing with my bare back scrubbing the trail and quickly back up again to try to put back the pieces. Bruised knee, lost skin, and a lot of fun.