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Eat Real Be Real (Healthy)

If you’re going to define yourself by food, use good food. Not the bullshit processed crappy edible chemical containing garbage with a long ass ingredients list.


Cut the Crap

It’s simple, effective, and what I believe the truth.

“How? Simple. Stay away from sugars and grains. Exercise. Cut the crap.” – Fitness Confidential

Doubtful? Ask yourself how are you really doing weight and health wise with your sugars and grain rich diet? Regardless of exercise. After all, there are many many highly active fat, bloated, swollen athletes. Look in triathlon, marathon, Olympic water polo, boxing and you can’t say that high activity level is the sole key to weight loss and health. Athletes in these sports are not slouches. They are killing their workouts and events, super strong and endure a lot, YET they still hold on to fat.


Conventional wisdom convinces you to believe that if you are fat, it is because you are not active. And If you are active and still fat, you are not active enough. This bullshit wisdom also has you believe in calorie counting which results in you essentially starving yourself.

This misguided wisdom is also telling you to eat nonfat and healthy whole grains and avoid saturated fats.

This outdated wisdom is getting you to, despite the current modern science, destroy your body to a point of chronic disease and you turn to your doctor who prescribes you drugs and never advises you to undo all the shit with appropriate lifestyle and dietary changes because he or she does not know nutrition and only recommended guidelines that are outdated and wrong. Then as you take the drug and complain about side effects, you are told it is because you are getting old. When you ask to know the cause of your chronic diseases, you are told it is hereditary and to just take your drugs and no need to change anything you’re doing. Bad idea!

To fix it…Cut The Crap!