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Just Run

Basically I am too cheap to pay to race. I’m slow and too boring to find something festive to participate in. LOL #JustKeepingItReal


Happy New Year 2012

This morning I did an unplanned stroller run to kick off the first run of the year. All-in-all it was just 3 miles, but anyone who runs hills with a fully loaded running stroller knows what’s involved. Mine was broken up with some playground exploration after mile 1, and a cool half lap around the soccer field with my 3yr old, followed by another half lap off ‘carry me daddy I’m tired’, back in the stroller and continuing uphill through what is Summit Trails, down the back and into the neighborhood, finishing off with my usual figure eight loop close to home completing the 3. I hit the pause feature on the GPS Sportswatch many times. It ain’t easy pushing the BOB on gravel trail with low tire pressure. LOL.

Lunch run

Run to the running store

I got up this morning and slapped on my Nike+ GPS Sportswatch and noticed it had a crack and small piece gone. Still was fine and all I had to do was cover it up with some black tape and no worries.

At lunch hour, I was ready for a run but not sure where to haul my fat ass. Perhaps a trail? Well not today. I need to research what is available and know what I’d be getting myself into on a work lunch break. So I grabbed a bottle of G2, got out the door, linked my GPS, and headed nowhere interesting with ear buds and music.

Earlier in the week I Google-mapped the distance and route to the local Road Runner Sports and found it to be 3.5+ miles to get there. I toyed with the idea of running to it and back. I was curious bit felt it would also be kinda pointless. It’s not like I was going to buy anything and if I did, I wasn’t going to run with it back. Pointless…until today.

About a mile into the run I decided I needed to talk to somebody at the running store about my damaged GPS watch. Plus since I had nowhere interesting to run, I now had two good reasons it no longer was a pointless out and back run.


In 80F degrees, it clocked 3.74 miles on GPS. I walked in and stood at entrance all shiny from sweat. A customer made his way towards me to exit and he looked freaked out. LOL. I thought “What? Doesn’t everyone run here?” 🙂

Someone on the sales staff greeted me, I presented him with my watch problem and he said his manager, Aman, might be able to help. With Aman already ringing up a customer, I checked out the shoes while I dripped on their newly remodeled store and enjoyed break from my run. A few minutes later I was able to catch Aman and showed him what was going on. He asked me how long I’ve had it. I guessed a month, but later realized it was more like two. Not expecting it, he offered to swap mine out for a new one. I was surprised and actually prepared to basically be told I was SOL. I was halfway ok with the swap, because even though I’ve synced my runs, from a sentimental level, I clocked a grueling 20 miler and my first marathon with my watch. Not to mention, what of my current run which was at a ‘PAUSE’? I wouldn’t be able to sync it and have it on record. Then quickly I got over it. F*** It! LOL

So just like that I got me a new GPS Sportswatch. I thanked Aman with a knuckle-bump and ran back to work completing somewhere short of 7.5 miles.