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Big Fat Lies

Hi folks,

Below is a video excerpt from the “Fat Head” documentary and showcased under the video resources on It is information that needs to continue to be shared for the sake of our health and education. The video resource section on that site also has links to other important videos from other experts:

  • Prof Tim Noakes talks about discovering the forgotten diet
  • Nina Teicholz author of “The Big Fat Surprise” discusses her book
  • Gary Taubes author of “Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It” discusses obesity
  • Dr Eric Westman discusses The Science Behind Low Carb High Fat
  • Dr Jonny Bowden discusses his book he co-authored “The Great Cholesterol Myth”

If you are familiar with this information and could use the additional resources to share to your family, friends, or clients, I really hope this helps. Lastly, don’t forget to check out my resources page for a list of titles and links to the above mentioned books and more.


Stories from Team CLIF Bar: Scott Jurek

Team CLIF Bar has a good line-up of video and podcast interviews which can be found on YouTube and iTunes.