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Ru El’s Running 012 : Cholesterol | Doctors | Resources | Ninjas | Strollers | Prowlers | Splinters

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Ru discusses cholesterol and advanced testing, working with his doctor, some frustrations, some website resources, podcast listening ninjas, child strollers, running vs prowling, & the killer splinter.
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Here’s The Thing about Sugar.

Sugar is everywhere and that is sad. It’s a drug and it’s cheap to add to food. Even more cheaper in the form of high fructose corn syrup, which makes these foods the go-to foods for folks who need to stretch their dollars. Well not really. The nation, or worlds, food supply is full of it.

Sugar is to food as nicotine is to tobacco.

You don’t have to be screwed. Stay informed, make smarter choices, stay informed, keep making smart choices, and exercise.

While listening to Vinnie Tortorich’s America’s Angriest Trainer podcast, Vinnie mentioned Dr. Robert Lustig’s name, so I did a web search to find out more information and came across this interview.

Here is a transcript excerpt of a Robert Lustig interview from the show Here’s the Thing hosted by Alec Baldwin. Follow the link below to the site to listen to the interview in streaming audio:

“Robert Lustig: And the answer is yes you can. The single best thing you can do for yourself quality of life-wise, exercise. By far and away nothing else comes close. The next thing that’s most important is when you’re eating make sure you have some fiber.

Alec Baldwin: When people want to go eat fiber that you recommend they eat now where do they go?

Robert Lustig: Very simple, brown food, brown and green. Okay if it’s brown and green its got fiber.

Alec Baldwin: Brown meaning?

Robert Lustig: ‘Cause fiber is brown. Wheat comes out of the ground. What color is it? It’s brown. You send it to the mill you make bread out of it. Now what color is it? Where’d the brown go? It got milled off. God made carbohydrate with inherent fiber. So we have brown rice, whole grains, beans, we have lentils. We have other legumes, we have nuts, they’re all just great. But as soon as you remove the fiber, which is called processing, now you got a problem. Because now when you eat it the sugar gets absorbed so fast that your liver gets overloaded, your mitochondria basically get sick and now you’ve got insulin resistance and how you’ve got all the diseases going downstream from there.”