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Ru El’s Running 001 : Holidays | About Ru’s Running | Ice Skating

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Happy Holidays! Ruel discusses his running history and how he’s used podcasts and books to inspire his running, improve his life and running through eating real food, and mainly removing processed sugars and grains. Some chat about first-time ice skating and the disgusting nature of it all.

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America’s Angriest Trainer Podcast with Vinnie Tortorich and co-host Anna Vocino
Endurance Planet Podcast with Tawnee Prazak and Lucho

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Top-4 reasons to remain aerobic in the base-phase

Thanks to Tim “Lucho” Waggoner on the Endurance Planet, I’ve been hearing a lot about training an aerobic base and using the Maffetone Method as a starting point.

Here are the top-4 reasons to remain aerobic in the base-phase as found on an article from

1-Anaerobic training can decrease the # of aerobic muscle fibers.

2-Lactic Acid produced during anaerobic training may inhibit the AEROBIC muscle enzymes which are necessary for triathlon-specific energy usage.

3-Anaerobic training raises your respiratory quotient. This means that you % of energy derived from sugar (which is limited) increases………while % of FAT (almost unlimited) used decreases.

4-TOO much anaerobic stress inhibits the aerobic metabolism by raising cortisol levels. Cortisol is a catabolic (as opposed to an ‘anabolic’) hormone that negatively alters insulin levels to rely on sugar USAGE instead of fat usage. Cortisol is a muscle stripper by converting it to fuel as well.

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