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Bulletproof Coffee Experience

Through social media and podcasts this his how I found out about Bulletproof Coffee.

Rich Roll tweet ->;; Joe Rogan Experience Podcast ->;; Dave Asprey interview ->;; The Bulletproof Executive blog.

To be honest my blend is not technically Bulletproof, but it is created in the spirit of Dave’s recipe: Recipe: How To Make Bulletproof Coffee In 5 Simple Steps

Eventually I’ll get all the ingredients (the beans and the MCT oil) needed for a true cup of the stuff for now I’m settling with some coffee beans that personally does not make me feel like complete crap, Kerry Gold grass-fed butter, and unrefined organic coconut oil.

It’s been 2 weeks and I feel awesome and on it. I’m still experimenting with it and should really get the true stuff to make a proper determination on it. So far I have personally found a bunch what Dave Asprey says to be true:

  • Not all coffee is the same.
  • BP Coffee in the morning keeps me satiated till 2pm if it is all I have.
  • If I have protein snack after my morning BP Coffee, I get super hungry after two hours of that snack.