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Ru El’s Running 008: Quickiesode : Run Update | Pharmacy Batter | Just Play | Podcast Awards

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In this Quickiesode, Ru gives shout-outs, an end-of-the-month run update, pharmacy batter tale, importance of play, and the 10th Annual People’s Podcast Awards. 

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NSNGUK : No Sugar. No Grains. No BS.

Play Update

My pin of the “I am in preschool” graphic, which should apply to everybody young and old. Originally spotted on

Health Update (not really): A pharmacy batter tale.

Podcast Awards

If you like voting and you like podcasts, why not vote for your favorite podcasts? I’m obviously biased. It’s time for the PodCast Awards again. If you are listeners of the “The Angriest Trainer” Podcast or fans of the book “Fitness Confidential” as a reminder, go to and vote for “The Angriest Trainer” for best podcast in the “Health and Fitness” category. Voting closes by February 6th 2015. So go vote…right now! 

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Just Run

Basically I am too cheap to pay to race. I’m slow and too boring to find something festive to participate in. LOL #JustKeepingItReal


Running Free

“If I’m free, it’s because I’m always running.” ~ Jimi Hendrix

If I’m running, I had cups of coffee. 🙂


Happy New Year 2012

This morning I did an unplanned stroller run to kick off the first run of the year. All-in-all it was just 3 miles, but anyone who runs hills with a fully loaded running stroller knows what’s involved. Mine was broken up with some playground exploration after mile 1, and a cool half lap around the soccer field with my 3yr old, followed by another half lap off ‘carry me daddy I’m tired’, back in the stroller and continuing uphill through what is Summit Trails, down the back and into the neighborhood, finishing off with my usual figure eight loop close to home completing the 3. I hit the pause feature on the GPS Sportswatch many times. It ain’t easy pushing the BOB on gravel trail with low tire pressure. LOL.